Season Bounty: Freezing Blueberries

Season Bounty: Freezing Blueberries

When you think upstate New York you don’t necessarily think of blueberries but I did find some local blueberries at my local food co-op. I find the local no-spray berries sweeter and fresher then already frozen blueberries which is why I buy in bulk and freeze. They are slightly more cost effective as well. I also like that I know where the berries were farmed- the already packaged frozen blueberries are sometimes a mystery.

1. First, wash and pick the stems off the blueberries and place in a colander. Air dry for a minute.
2. While the blueberries are drying, place aluminum foil on a cookie sheet, with a layer of paper towel/kitchen towel on top. Put blueberries on the paper towel/kitchen towel and pat tops dry.
3. Remove paper towel/kitchen towel from the bottom, but leave the blueberries on the foil.
4. Place blueberries on the cookie sheet and pop them in the freezer for 24 hours. (Here they are basking in the freezer light!)

5. After 24 hours or so (it doesn’t need to be exact) place the blueberries in a freezer-safe jar. I usually wrap the foil like a funnel. I use the original lids or the plastic lids.2016_08_Blueberries_jar

…Now when we are in five feet of snow we can still have summer fresh berries!

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