Ten Uses for Mason Jars

Ten Uses for Mason Jars

I use Mason Jars for mostly everything- they are strong, affordable, classic and come in many sizes.

1. Bulk containers for grains, rice, pasta, candy, chocolate.
I use these at my co-op bulk section with Ball Regular Mouth Jar Storage Caps Set of 8reusable tops for easy filling and capping.
2016_08_MasonJar_Uses_bulk2. Water/Juice on the go.
With the same reusable topsI use for bulk, I cap the mason jars for an easier water canteen. Dishwasher safe and sturdy, it makes it easier to have water on me at all times when I always have a jar and Ball Regular Mouth Jar Storage Caps Set of 8cap available.

3. Cleaning sprayer
With an adapter you can find below, it’s easy to use jars in your cleaning routine. I keep a jar with vinegar for easy touchups in the shower, sink and mirrors.

4. Desk organizer
I use mason jars for pens, pencils, markers, scissors, and other knicknacks to keep them organized.

5. For Food!
Prep, leftovers, freezing bulk produce…the list goes on for the ‘original’ use of these jars!

6. Flower Vase
We used mason jars at our wedding as an affordable way to have our flowers in a vase. We also used them for our baby shower; my sister sprayed these to give them a country chic feel.Baby Shower Mason Jar

7. As a color accessory
The color limited edition jars add a pop of color to any room or desk; as an accessory or…2016_08_MasonJar_Uses_popcolor
Buy these lovely purple jars below:

8. Drinking glasses
I use the blue and purple ones as our designated ‘drinking’ glasses. These are hefty enough to wash on the bottom of the dishwasher which is a great space saver when you are washing lots of baby dishes on the top rack! Mason Jar9. Piggy Bank
Use a combination of jars for each size of change which makes it easy to find what you need when you need some change for the ice cream truck!

10. Pet food storage
Helps keep pet food fresh; especially if you buy pet food in a large bulk bag.

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